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Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Kids?

June 28, 2021 7:47 pm

Dental X-rays help our team diagnose various dental issues and anomalies that would be difficult to identify with the naked eye, such as infections, cavities in hard-to-see places, cysts, and tumors. This technology is important in both diagnostic and preventive dentistry. Early detection of dental issues means that they can be treated before they worsen and negatively impact your child’s oral health.

Traditional vs. Digital X-Rays

X-ray technology has transformed over the years to become safer than ever before! Traditional X-rays were produced on strips of film that took a while to develop. Now, computer technology allows us to utilize digital X-rays that produce faster, almost-instant imaging. This digital imaging requires less exposure to the electromagnetic radiation and produces a better quality image, which means it is safer than traditional X-rays.

We Prioritize Your Child’s Safety & Health!

We take precautions to limit your child’s exposure to radiation from X-ray imaging. Before we take the X-rays, we put a lead apron on our patients that acts as a radiation shield. We also take X-rays infrequently, as we only want to expose your child to the radiation when the benefits of detection and diagnosis outweigh the risk of slight exposure to a carcinogen.

Common Types of Dental X-Rays

There are many types of dental X-rays that your child may need at one point or another. Some of the most common are:

  • Intraoral – Imaging of the teeth and bone structure to monitor tooth development and detect cavities
  • Extraoral – Imaging of the outside of the mouth and larger bone structures to analyze jaw positioning and development
  • Panoramic – Complete image of a child’s mouth from the condition of their teeth to the state of the jawbone and temporomandibular joints

Consult with Our Team!

At Brooks Pediatric Dentistry, we take great care to help each patient feel safe and comfortable at our office. If you or your child are concerned about the safety of dental X-rays, please talk to our team. We can further discuss the benefits and risks of digital X-rays to help you feel informed about your child’s oral healthcare.

We want to be your child’s go-to dental home. Please contact us today to schedule your child’s next cleaning and checkup!


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