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Welcome to Brooks Pediatric Dentistry in San Antonio, TX!

At Brooks Pediatric Dentistry, we place a lot of importance on teaching kids about dentistry and maintaining a healthy smile. Our goal isn’t just to provide high-quality pediatric dental care—we also want to help our patients grow into dental health-conscious adults. Whether you need to schedule your child’s very first appointment or they are already a pro at dental visits, we’d love to see them in our office!

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Dental Sedation

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Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dental offices are specifically designed with children in mind. Everything from our brightly colored office to our books, toys, and games were chosen to help your child have a fun and positive experience at the dentist. Our team has also completed years of additional training to learn how to cater to the unique needs of children, and we have a huge passion for working with kids as well!
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Affordable Pediatric Dental Care

Brooks Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to keeping our quality care affordable for as many families in San Antonio as possible. That’s why we are very insurance friendly and accept FSAs, HSAs, and Medicaid. We want to work with your family to help your child receive their treatments in a timely manner while ensuring that you have a cost-effective payment method that supports your budget.
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Emergency Dentistry for Kids

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re wondering: “Is there an emergency pediatric dentist near me?” our team at Brooks Pediatric Dentistry in San Antonio can help. Once you give our office a call and describe the situation, we will recommend your next best steps and begin preparing a treatment room, so we are ready to help as soon as your child arrives. Learn More
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Proudly Serving Patients in San Antonio, TX

Taking your child to the dentist in San Antonio, TX, doesn’t have to be challenging. Our dental office is a short trip for families that live Downtown, South San Antonio, or would like a dentist near Corpus Christi Hwy. While our convenient location allows children to receive high-quality pediatric dental care year-round, we also make sure every visit helps our patients grow in their dental decisions. Our friendly Brooks Pediatric Dentistry team is always happy to welcome new and returning smiles into our office! Does your child need a dentist in San Antonio, TX? Give us a call to see how our dentist in San Antonio, TX, can serve you and your child. Schedule an Appointment