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Space Maintainers
in San Antonio, TX

Space maintainers are small oral appliances that are used as preventive measures when baby teeth are dislodged too soon. These discreet orthodontic appliances are not noticeable to others, and they do not make it difficult for patients to eat or speak. Space maintainers can also be secured in place or be removable by the patient, depending on their unique needs. To learn more or schedule your child’s next visit, please contact us!

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little boy being held by his mother while his dentist examines his teeth

How will I know if my child needs a space maintainer?

If your child has a wiggly tooth that eventually falls out on its own, your child will likely not need a space maintainer, even if they helped dislodge the tooth. However, if your child fell or was in an accident of some kind and one or more teeth were knocked out that were not previously loose, we will want to assess their smile for any dental trauma and to determine if one or more space maintainers need to be placed. If you examine their gums and you can’t see the adult tooth coming in, it’s likely that a space maintainer will be needed.

dentist inserting a space maintainer onto a boy's teeth

Why are space maintainers used?

When a baby tooth is knocked out too early, the teeth on either side may begin to shift to fill in the gap. The adult tooth is then blocked from growing in correctly, which can cause unnecessary orthodontic issues. Space maintainers are simple oral appliances that can be easily placed over nearby teeth to keep them where they are and hold space open for the adult tooth to grow in when it’s ready. Preventing orthodontic problems is always preferred over treatments that are far more costly, invasive, and uncomfortable than space maintainers.

young girl holding her jaw in pain

What happens after a child gets a space maintainer?

It may take your child a while to get used to having a new oral appliance. If they experienced dental trauma, they may feel some pain or soreness around their space maintainer or the area where their tooth or teeth were knocked out. Kids should take extra special care of their teeth and gums while wearing a space maintainer so that tooth decay does not develop around it. Once the adult tooth begins growing in, please let our team know so that an appointment can be scheduled to remove the space maintainer.

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