girl holding her jaw in pain

Experienced Emergency Pediatric Dentist
in San Antonio, TX

Need to speak to an emergency pediatric dentist in San Antonio? Brooks Pediatric Dentistry provides prompt emergency dental care for kids, toddlers, preteens, and teenagers. No matter what the situation is, we are here to help. Please give our office a call before heading our way so that we can provide you with some preliminary information and begin preparing our team and a treatment room for your arrival.

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girl holding her jaw in pain

What is a dental emergency?

Not sure if what your child is experiencing requires urgent dental care? Feel free to give our office a quick call, and we’ll be happy to offer advice. Common dental emergencies that typically require same-day dental care include:

  • Severe tooth or gum pain
  • Persistent gum swelling or bleeding
  • Cracked, broken, or dislodged tooth
  • Foreign object stuck between teeth
  • Dental abscess
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What should I do if my child accidentally knocks out a tooth?

If your child is in an accident and a baby tooth is knocked out that wasn’t ready to come out yet, our team will want to take a look to see if any other teeth or gums were damaged. We may determine that a space maintainer needs to be placed, which will hold the space open for the adult tooth to grow in when it’s ready. If your child loses an adult tooth, locate the tooth and carefully pick it up by the crown. Place the tooth back in the socket or in a cup of milk or saliva and then get to our office as fast as possible so that we have a good chance of reattaching it.

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How can I be prepared for a dental emergency?

It can be tough to prevent kids from getting into accidents, especially if they are very active. If your child is involved in aggressive contact sports, having them wear a mouthguard during games and practices can protect their teeth from irreversible damage. Visiting our office regularly and practicing positive oral health habits at home is also crucial for preventing issues like tooth decay from developing and turning into dental emergencies. We recommend that parents keep our number in their contacts in case an emergency arises and they do need to contact us right away.

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